Watch Dogs: Legion- How to Use Photo Mode

Ellen Cooper
2 min readNov 11, 2020

The Dystopian London is craving for help in Ubisoft’s Watch Dog: Legion. This action-adventure video game has arrived recently in the gaming world, and within a short time, it has started garnering acclamation. Watch Dogs: Legion is filled with fantastic storylines and aspects that will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in making it an immense success in the future. Besides, this game offers a wide range of additional activities to keep the fun aspect intact. Meanwhile, this week, gamers are after one of those intriguing activities that require them to capture a picture of any moment in the game to share it on their social media handles.

This activity can be accessed using the Photo media feature and, in this article, we will help the gamers use Photo Mode in Watch Dogs: Legion. The gamers should read this workaround thoroughly to avoid any mistake.

How to Use Photo Mode in Watch Dogs: Legion

Gamers need to know that it is quite easy to use the Photo Mode feature in Watch Dogs: Legion. They need to press right on the D-Pad. Afterward, the gamers need to choose the option of Spy Watch and then they need to tap on the Photo Mode button. Soon after that, the whole game will freeze; now, gamers need to capture the photo using the Y button on PS4 or O on the Xbox gaming console. More importantly, once the picture has been captured, players will receive a pop-up option of saving that photo.

Players need to save that picture, and later on, they can post in on any of their social media accounts. Although, using the Photo Mode in Watch Dogs: Legion will not provide any perks or rewards. However, this aspect is still in the trend.


Watch Dogs: Legion is the successor of the famous action-adventure video game, Watch Dogs 2. The game was long awaited and thus, Ubisoft finally released it to meet the gamers’ excitement and anticipation. The game offers a chance to the gamers to control NPCs’ minds that are featured in the form of operatives in several categories. Besides, in this article, we are helping gamers know how to use the Photo Mode feature in Watch Dogs: Legion to post a picture of any moment on their social media handles. We hope that all the gamers who have visited this article will undoubtedly succeed in using the Photo Mode feature.

Gamers can play Watch Dogs: Legion on PS4, Google Stadia, PC, and Xbox One.




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