The Misfit of the Demon King Academy: Anos Helps Ray’s Mother

In the previous episode of the Misfit of the Demon King Academy, Ray turns his back on his friends and vows to defeat Anos, leaving them confused. His friends have a hard time figuring out the reason for the sudden change in his loyalties and attitude. But when they investigate further, they find out that it has something to do with his mother, who is on her deathbed and the full-blooded Royalists who are plotting something with Ray as a pawn. Anos decides to go to the bottom of the matter and fix everything. Anos keeps his words in the latest episode as he solves all problems of the people he cares about.

The events of the Magic Sword Tournament are way more complicated than they might appear on the surface. Ray has a lot of things at stake as he comes out to participate in the tournament. He has accepted a contractual sword from the full-blooded Royalists who want him to defeat Anos if he wants to save her mother. But if he loses, he will lose not just his mother but also his own life.

But before he could fight things out with Anos on the battlefield, he somehow violates the Royalist contract. He knows that he is doomed no matter what happens, and the fight is irrelevant. But he still wants to fight it out with the Demon King as he wished to do it for a long time. Anos entertains his wish as they indulge in a friendly fight. When Ray is finally defeated and is on his knees, Melheis takes them to another realm.

Ray and Anos suddenly find themselves side by side against a common enemy. Melheis does not hesitate to use the Beano Ievan spell, which Anos used to remake the world 2000 years ago. When Ray is having a hard time standing up against Melheis, he is comforted by his mother, who has taken the form of a sword to stand by him. With Ray fighting courageously with him, Anos finally gets the better of Melheis and knocks him down. But Anos is not done as he had vowed, he wants to fix everything.

Anos uses the magical sword that was crafted by his father. The enchanted sword had traditions that created the spirit-source of Ray’s mother. He had also laid out the mental energy that made up Sheila’s (Ray’s mother) source on the Magic Sword Tournament’s first day. Later while battling, he used his sword to destroy the Sword of Subjugation inside the head of Melheis. All of this watches a carefully executed plan of Anos, so when he finally destroyed the Sword of Subjugation, the mental energy of the Dilhade people accumulated at his sword. Using it, he restored Sheila’s source, and she made a miraculous recovery regardless of all the sinister plans that the Royalists were hatching. Immediately after assuming her full body, she hugged her son in the arena.

Ray can’t contain his excitement to see her mother back to her feet. Sheila promises her that she will stay with him and survive all the trials to see his son become a great fighter one day. Anos praised his father’s skillful work with the sword, which helped him do all of this. Now there is nothing that stands between Ray and Anos’s friendship, and even though it seems that Avos Dilhevia is lurking around, it doesn’t matter. Irrespective of how tough the situation gets; they will stand with each other to fight for the truth.

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