The Best Disney Apps for Android

Disney is a huge media platform and owns many studios like Marvel, ABC, Lucasfilm, ESPN, etc. It is a huge entertainment source and provides us various movies, TV shows, music, and fantastic Disney stuff. With the full mind-blowing content, Disney has become the first choice for many people as a source of entertainment. Today we will share some excellent Disney apps for Android smartphones so that you can watch all your favorite Disney characters in a single touch.


Disney+ is a recently launched app, and it has become the biggest Disney app. You can watch here a bunch of movies, Disney shows, and the content from the Disney-owned properties such as Simpsons or the original content, for example, The Mandalorian.


DisneyNow is the current streaming service of Disney that you can access with your existing TV cable. It offers you a bunch of TV shows, including cartoons, kids shows, live-action stuff, Radio Disney, and new Disney characters. It is an excellent streaming service, and you can log in to it for free with your existing TV cable service.

Fandom by Wikia

Fandom by Wikia is a community where you can get information about various apps, games, Disney shows, TV shows, etc. So if you are eager to know anything related to any show, game, or movie, this app can provide you all the necessary information about it for free. It is a fantastic place to get the required information about your favorite movie or game, and you should try this app once.

iHeartRadio Family

It has various versions, but for Disney stuff, I would recommend you to go with it. iHeartRadio Family has more than 80 stations where you can listen to lots of family-friendly music from various movies, Disney content, and kids shows. You can access it for free, and if you want to purchase a premium version, then it will cost you $9.99 per month.

Internet TV (Hulu, Sling TV, DirecTV Now, etc.)

Internet TV services such as Hulu, DirecTV Now, YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, and Sling TV all offer a bunch of excellent child-friendly TV shows or movies, and they all have access to Disney channels. So it’s the best way to watch your favorite shows on Disney channel.

Movies Anywhere

It is the best app for movies that is available on Google Play. It collects all the movies you have purchased on different platforms such as Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, or Amazon, making them available for you at one spot. It is the best place to watch all your favorite Disney movies because it comes with Chromecast support that gives a different watching experience.

My Disney Experience/Disneyland

You can use My Disney Experience app to plan your vacation in Disney World; This app has a map of the park, and you can also use it to buy tickets. While Disneyland can help you browse restaurant menus, and it also shows you the park’s map.

So if you are planning a vacation for Disneyland or Disney World, then both the apps are going to be very helpful for you.

Official Disney apps

Disney has many official Disney apps such as the official Star Wars app, the ESPN App, the official Marvel app, ABC’s official app, and many more. But it’s all your choice what kind of content you want to watch because the content varies from app to app. But no doubt, these apps are the best place to watch various Disney shows or movies.


It is another best app where you can find any Disney song, various movies, hundreds of Disney clips, TV shows, and many more things.

These are some best Disney apps for Android that will give you the real joy of watching Disney characters, movies, and shows.

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