Tekken 7: Early access controversy and why players are not happy

Ellen Cooper
3 min readNov 18, 2020

Tekken 7 is rolling out its newest update with new characters, new moves, and new patches. However, some players were given early access to the new update before the official release date.

Bandai Namco Nordics announced the Tekken 7 update for November 10, but some players were given early access to the game, including new features and characters like unlocked Kunimitsu, a new stage: Vermilion Gates, new moves for every character, a balance sweep, and a new user interface.

While it does help Bandai Namco Nordics to create the hype in the gaming community, some players felt uneasy and called out Bandai Namco Nordics for the unfair treatment regarding the season 4 update.

Several players and small content creators bashed Bandai Namco for leaving all the players out in the cold, while exclusive access was given to big influencers.

The general manager and Japanese game producer Katsuhiro Harada from Bandai Namco Entertainment also jumped into the conversation with the tweet — “It is a very stupid operation. I do not comprehend the marketing sense of the European team. Moreover, you need to stop thinking that I am giving instructions all across the globe like God.”

UYU Fergus added, “So, full disclosure. We have spent the past two weeks creating these pro motion graphics to present the new moves. We did not get early access though, and now this video feels quite redundant. Oh well. Hopefully, for Tekken 8 Bandai Namco might acknowledge our existence.”

The Ireland Tekken streamer also added, “I really do not like early access being given out and permission to be streamed, it just ruins the magic of discovery. Everybody needs to have a chance to try it at the same time and find out things, not have to watch others to get information and be spoiled.

Twitch gaming channel, AvoidingThePuddle, also highlighted the early access controversy with this tweet- Namco does not deserve the free advertising that it gets from creators. Developers should come to the realization that the game is nothing without the gamers, creators, and tournaments. I guess I will wait for Tekken 8. Perhaps they will get a clue on how to handle releasing content by then.


Although gaming companies tend to use such marketing tactics from time to time, using early access for competitive games like Tekken 7 can cause some severe unrest in the gaming community.

Tekken 7 is a global phenomenon, and players take immense pride in their characters, fighting style, and wins but giving out early access to some influencers can degrade the player’s motivation and the gaming community standards.

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