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With technological advancements, there are so many smart devices and systems that are embellishing people’s houses. These devices are not even just fancy; instead, they are making our everyday lives a lot easier. Using smart technology is not limited to asking Alexa or Siri about the weather today or for making a call or playing a song. It has grown to be so much more than that. For instance, you can now use these devices to vacuum clean your house or increase your house’s security when you are out. We have come up with a smart list of 9 gadgets that you must bring home today!

  1. Deebot Vacuum Cleaners

This vacuum cleaning robot from Ecovacs makes vacuuming and cleaning your floors super comfy. Their latest robot D77 has a smart technology that can detect as well as navigate obstacles. It is capable of emptying its dustbin on its own and has various cleaning modes for different floors. With its intelligent features, you can schedule it to clean your floors even when you’re not present at home. This smart device is going to take away all your cleaning troubles.

  1. Clocky Alarm

Waking up in the morning is a big pain we all go through every day. The snoozing and going back to sleep is a long process, and sometimes we might miss some important work. Well, in this case, all you need is a smart alarm clock that makes sure you get out of bed right on time. Clocky is a smart alarm that runs away to hide and keeps beeping until you find it and turn it off. Enough hard work to wake you up instantly!

  1. Wireless LED Lighting System

It’s time to bid goodbye to the on and off the light system and switch to a smart new-age lighting system that you can control with your smartphone. The Philips LED Lighting System allows you to switch it on and off remotely, control its dimming and brightening, and the color of the light. So if you wish to wake up in a bedroom with a warm or energized lighting theme, you can set the alarm! These are energy-saving and much more convenient.

  1. Ecobee4 Thermostat

This smart thermostat lets you control the air temperature, listens to your voice and responds, and does everything that your “Assistant” can do like read the news, tell you the weather or play a song! It has intelligent external room sensors, which means it can control the room temperature you are in and not just in the room it is fitted. With an inbuilt Alexa voice service, it works wonders!

  1. Smart Faucet

We are all familiar with the present scenario of water worldwide and how important it is to save it. With this smart faucet, you can contribute to its conservation. This intelligent, innovative technology saves water as well as energy. The faucet is hygienic and environmentally friendly. You do not even have to touch its valves and it is convenient to use for children, sick or elderly. Preserve your environment for future generations with this little initiative that can save approx 15,000 gallons of water every year.

  1. Perfect Bake Pro Smart Cooking

This interactive smart scale device makes baking so much fun. If you are often wondering what you can make with a few things available in your fridge, this device can come in handy. Just input whatever you have and wait for the device to give you a smart recipe. Now you don’t have to measure everything to make the perfect dish, just place a bowl on the scale, start pouring, and the device will indicate you to stop automatically. Auto-scale the recipe for the number of meals or amount of ingredients you got or different sizes and shapes of cake, etc. You can also create a shopping list for the items that you are missing from the recipe; you wish to make. Switch to smart cooking today!

  1. Withings Smart Body Analyzer

This smart device reads your full body statistics and provides highly accurate data. Though it might seem like a typical weighing machine, apart from the weight, it can also measure your body fat and heart rate. It features an intelligent indoor air quality tracking and can tell you when the place needs to be cleaned. Withings Smart Body Analyzer lets you set goals and track your progress by syncing the server’s data using the Health Mate app.

  1. Electrolux Eco Dish Cleaner

Ever thought of cleaning your dishes with nothing but the ultrasonic waves? Well, it’s time to get rid of your tiring cleaning chores with the Electrolux Eco Cleaner. This smart device ionizes your food residue from the dishes, transforms it into gas, and then deposits it in the form of soil in a separate container. This healthy soil can be used to feed your plants. It runs on solar power and is portable. Now you do not have to throw away the leftovers; instead, you can make it a reusable compost for the plants.

  1. ThinQ Smart Refrigerator

The smart ThinQ Refrigerators from LG has three doors and excellent storage capacity, with an 8-inch LCD touch screen monitor that can interact with your smartphone device. This smart device lets you keep an inventory of all the perishable items kept in the fridge, gives you the energy-consumption details, and helps you make a grocery shopping list on the basis of the available stock. Save energy by controlling the smart refrigerator by just using the LG app, know what things you need for the party by checking the items you have, and get notified if the door is left open, all of this from anywhere, anytime.

These were some of the best smart home technology devices or systems that can make your life way more manageable than what it is right now. Switch to new-age modern gadgets and completely transform your everyday life.




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