How to Uninstall Applications on Amazon Fire TV Stick

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The Fire TV Stick from Amazon is an amazing device if you want to watch your favorite Prime movies or TV shows on your smart TV. Not just Prime shows and movies, it also allows you to install different apps that you can stream on your TV. However, installing a lot of apps on your Fire TV Stick might also clutter it and affect its performance. Therefore you must know how to declutter your Fire Stick by deleting apps.

The feature of adding applications on your Fire TV Stick works very well and improves its functions. However, the storage capacity of the device is just 8GB, therefore it can be difficult to accommodate a lot of heavy apps. It can create problems in running apps, movies, etc. If you want to fix this, the perfect way to do this is to remove unwanted and unused apps from the tool.

Uninstalling Applications On Fire TV Stick

If your device is working slow or shows any such irregularities, it means that your apps have been cluttered in the Fire TV Stick. Consider deleting the unused or unwanted apps, to make it smooth. Remember, that you cannot delete the pre-installed apps from the Fire TV Stick as those apps are important for the system of the device.

These are the steps to remove apps from your Fire TV Stick

1. Start the Fire TV Stick, then scroll to the right to find the top menu, and then go to the Settings option. Use the up-down, right-left buttons on your Fire Stick to move across the screen.

2. Use the down button on the remote to scroll down to the Settings menu and choose Applications.

3. The Applications screen will have the option of “Manage Installed Applications” where you can see the amount of space left and the amount of space occupied. Click on Manage Installed Applications.

4. Now, a list of all the apps will show up. Check the list and choose the app you wish to remove. Click on it and the Uninstall option will appear. Choose that to uninstall the apps.

5. A prompt will appear asking you to confirm the uninstalling of the app. Again press Uninstall to delete the app from your device.

More Ways To Remove Apps

Deleting the apps directly from the Fire Stick is probably the easiest method of removing apps from the tools, but there are other ways as well. There are various apps you can use, such as ES File Explorer, or X-plore File Manager, etc. to uninstall apps from Fire TV Stick.

You can download any of these apps and use them to remove unwanted files. Open the app’s interface and choose those apps that you want to remove. The best thing in such apps is that you can easily uninstall many apps at the same time, also, you can recover any app you deleted by mistake. These apps are usually quite smart which lets you know those apps you should delete.

Clearing Caches Of The Apps

Suppose you are not willing to delete any of the apps on your Fire TV Stick. In that case, you can release some space by clearing up the caches of the apps you have installed. Some apps can accumulate a lot of cache data that may consume a lot of space. If you want to clear cache, then select any app of your choice, and tap on the Clear cache option.

Resetting Fire TV Stick

In case you have tried all the steps, like deleting unnecessary apps and clearing caches to free up space but your device is still slowing down and your screen is talking a long time to load, the only option you have now is to reset your Amazon Fire TV Stick completely. This will remove all the data stored in your device. Make sure that you note down the apps you will need so that you can install those apps after resetting from the backup in your Fire Stick.

We hope that these tips will help you work with your TV Stick easily and you will be able to watch your favorite shows and TV series effortlessly on your TV. You may contact the company if the problem still persists.

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