If you stream while playing games, see others play games, or showcase your artwork, Twitch is the platform you need. But before that, you need to get familiar with the functioning of Twitch. All your questions will find their answer here.

What Is Twitch?

Launched in 2011, Twitch is a gaming-centric spin-off whose parent company is Amazon. It can be explained as a go-to streaming destination for watching esports, streaming games, and promoting other entertainment personalities. There are basically 3 mail tags in Twitch — IRL, Creative, and Game genres. The majority of top streaming content is on games such as League of Legends, Valorant, Grand Theft Auto V, Fortnite, Apex Legends, etc. Apart from esports content twitch streams regular games such as NFL, NWHL, and WNSL games. You might be worried about your child being exposed to inappropriate content of cyber harassment. Everything broadcasts say and do are on the internet and there’s no privacy. On that note, Twitch recently launched a Twitch Safety Advisory Council and recently updated its Community Guidelines.

Twitch Accounts and Subscriptions

On Twitch, a free account allows you to chat on most streams, follow channels, and stream for yourself. However, subscribing to a channel can cost at least $4.99 per month and will give you benefits like ad-free viewing, custom chat emotes, more chat privileges, etc. Two other types of subscription tiers are $9.99 per month and $24.99 per month, which include more of such benefits. Twitch has 2 types of paid plans- Twitch Turbo and Twitch Prime. In Twitch Turbo, ad-free viewing, chat badge, two additional chat emotes, custom chat username colors, and extended broadcast storage.

However, channel subscription prices are the same. Twitch Turbo is $8.99 per month. Twitch Prime accounts are linked either through an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription. You can enjoy a free monthly subscription to a channel, free games, and game loot to download each month which you can keep forever, and exclusive chat privileges. However, this function only works at Twitch’s desktop app. Twitch also provides two-factor authentication if you plan to join Twitch’s Affiliate or Partner program. It also offers apps for Macs and PCs, mobile devices, streaming devices, and gaming consoles.

How to Set Up Your Twitch Broadcast

To set up your Twitch broadcast you need a solid internet connection, streaming software, a machine that will run your content, and audio and visual peripherals. Ethernet connection is recommended for broadcast as network performance is faster and more stable with a physical connection than over Wi-Fi. Twitch’s Studio app is the easiest broadcasting software. You just need to download the software and sign in to your account. In the set-up process, the app detects connected microphones and cameras, runs a bandwidth and system resources test, and creates three basic streaming layouts that you use to customize your screen. You can add layers, texts, or graphics.

Once it’s set up, click the purple Start Stream button at the bottom of the app. Twitch recommends Windows and macOS computers, audio mixing interfaces, microphones, desk mounts, cameras, and lighting equipment. If you are running the game and streaming simultaneously, you will need a gaming PC but if you are just using the computer to process inputs from a camera and a mic, then you can do it with a less powerful system.

Build a Twitch Channel

To build a channel you first need to decide what you want to share with the world. You can watch popular streamers and find out what content is making them successful. A crucial facet of your channel’s appeal could be the topic you choose. It doesn’t matter if you go for the tags that attract the largest audiences or the least popular tags you should make sure that your content is distinct. Also, you must tag your content correctly so that people can discover it. Go for a popular title that would attract the audience. Always choose a game you are skilled at.

Twitch shows content falls apart from gaming as well. As the Just Chatting category tops the charts, it’s a good place to start. Twitch lets streamers set up subscriber-only chat rooms, from where you can stay connected with the people who are invested in your channel. You always have to engage with your most dedicated followers. You can also create a custom set of emoticons for your subscribers. You always have to make sure that your subscribers feel special as they have spent money on your profile.

This guide will definitely help you with your experience in Twitch. If you still feel confused, you can just go and start using it. This will surely make it easy for you to understand the platform better.

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