How to fix “wdf01000.sys” on Windows 10

  • In the beginning, hit the Windows tab and then press the X key simultaneously.
  • After a while, the Window + X menu will expand on your screen.
  • Hit the Command Prompt option there and make sure that you have permitted your device to run with Admin access.
  • After you are prepared with all the necessary specs, then type the keywords: DISM.exe/Online//Cleanup_image//Restore_health” into the Command screen.
  • Hit the Enter key to proceed.
  • After that, type “SFC/scannow” into the command window, followed by the Enter button.
  • Once SFC scanning is done, you will see a message regarding possible infected files that have fixed by the Resource protection feature of SFC Scanning. If such the case, reboot the device.
  • Go to the Taskbar and then press the Cortana tab there.
  • After that, type the keyword: “Command Prompt” into the search bar and then hit the Enter tab there.
  • Now, you have to make a right mouse click on Command Prompt resulting option and choose the administrator option to give it admin controls.
  • After that, type “chkdsk/f” into the search panel and hit the Return tab.
  • First and foremost, hit the Window symbol tab on the keyboard and hit the R button to launch the Run Dialog box.
  • After that, you have to input “appwiz.CPL” into the search section and then tap on the Enter to proceed.
  • You will view a new page related to Programs and Features. Hit the program that is corrupted, be it software or any application.
  • Then hit the Uninstall tab there.
  • After that, press the Yes button as the mark of confirmation.
  • Now, reboot the device and laptop too.
  • After that, install the software or program that you wish to keep and use on your device. To do so, visit the site of application or software publisher and follow onscreen indications to get it on your device.
  • Finally, fulfill all the necessary details that appear via the setup section of software installation.
  • Hit the Cortana tab.
  • Now, enter “Troubleshoot” into the search panel and hit the Enter key.
  • After that, you will see the option regarding the same. Hit the most matched option to open the troubleshooter on your device.
  • After selecting the tool on your device, hit the Run related option there.
  • Now, keep it running for some time as it will detect various issues related to the BSOD errors.
  • First and foremost, hit the Cortana application to launch.
  • After that, enter the keywords: “Command Prompt” into the search panel and hit the Enter tab.
  • Now, choose the best-matched Command and provide full Admin privileges.
  • After that, type “regsvr32_C: Windowssyatem_32_drivers_wdf01000.sys” into the page of Command Prompt. Then press the tab “return.”




IT expert having deep knowledge about PC antivirus products. Mainly researching and writing blogs.

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Ellen Cooper

Ellen Cooper

IT expert having deep knowledge about PC antivirus products. Mainly researching and writing blogs.

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