How to Fix Google Chrome Not Working With Symantec Endpoint

  • In the beginning, apply right click on the desktop shortcut of Google Chrome.
  • Now, hit the Properties tab there.
  • Hit the “Shortcut” section.
  • Now, insert these keywords into the provided text bar:
  • After that, tap on Apply.
  • Next, hit the “OK” tab to proceed.
  • Firstly, hit Window logo and R keys at one go to launch the Run dialog box.
  • Now, type the keyword “Regedit” into the text box, followed by the Enter key. This action will launch the Registry Editor window on your screen.
  • Next, navigate to the registry key “HKLM.” Then, hit the Software tab.
  • After that, tap on the Policies option.
  • Hit the tab, “Google Chrome.”
  • Locate the DWORD option “Renderer_Code_Integrity_Enabled” and double click on it. This option will be situated on the right-hand side of your desktop screen.
  • After that, change the data value to “0” in the editing section.
  • Next, press the OK button to proceed.
  • First of all, search the Google Chrome icon and then apply right-click on it. It will be located somewhere on your desktop or apps section.
  • After that, press the option “Properties.”
  • A new window will expand on your desktop, then click on the Shortcut tab there.
  • Navigate to the targeted box and add “no-sandbox” into the provided bar.
  • Now, press the Apply tab to proceed.
  • Next, hit on OK to save all the changes.
  • In the beginning, open File Explorer by pressing Window and E keys simultaneously.
  • Next, launch the Google Chrome EXE file directory.
  • After that, apply the right mouse click on the EXE file, and after that, choose the option “Rename.”
  • Then, insert the keyword “Chrome” into the provided file title name box.



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Ellen Cooper

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