Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Is All Set to Introduce New SOS Training Skill Trees in Game

Ellen Cooper
2 min readJul 17, 2020

If you love playing Harry Potter: Wizard Unite game then we got good news for you. The developers of the game are all set to introduce all-new SOS (Statute of Secrecy) Training Skill Trees in the game for its players.

It appears that all the wizards across the globe are going to get some extra help for fighting and protecting them from the Calamity in Harry Potter: Wizards unite. Recently the company has announced that they will be adding a SOS (Statute of Secrecy) set to train trees in the game. With these fresh and more powerful lessons, all the wizards (Players) will surely get the chance to enhance their powers and skills further.

These lessons will be available for all the wizards who are on level 4 and above in the game no matter which profession they had chosen in the game.

So, what new skills will you get with the update? Firstly, you will gain mastery over making more powerful spells in the game which will help you in fighting against confoundable spells and increase your chance of winning against Foundables (Special encounters in the game with creatures, items, and feelings). Are you excited already? We know you are.

Secondly, you get a reduction in brewing time of your portions which can help you protect your points in a fight against Professor Snape in the game.

Next, you get Field Charms skill which enables new spells casting on the Wizard Unite map to reveal all the bonuses nearby you (Trace, spell energies, potion ingredients, etc.). You also get Inn Charm skill which gives you extra spell energy when you cast it on Inns in the game.

Lastly, you get Greenhouse Charm skill which helps you to get rare potion ingredients when you cast it on Greenhouses in the game.

How to Unlock These Skills?

For unlocking these skills, then you must be on level 4 in the game. Next, you must develop your potential in the SOS Task Force. The SOS Task Force will also provide you guides such as Ministry Manual, and Defence Against the Dark Arts which can be used with your the Restricted Section books to help you in unlocking all the brand-new skills in the game. To get the Field guides and Ministry Manuals, all you have to do is return Foundables and place their image in the registry.

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