Google’s New Update for Its Messaging Service Introduces a Lot of New Features

Ellen Cooper
3 min readJul 31, 2020

With technology striving toward letting us connect better with our loved ones during the pandemic, Google is updating it’s messaging service with some exciting new features. Though most of the features that Google’s update will be sporting are already available on various other messaging platforms, Google’s user base is sure to appreciate some perks. This will also let Google step up its messenger game, enabling it to keep up with competitors like WhatsApp and iMessage.

Google first introduced it’s RCS Messaging around the end of last year. This service had been integrated into the Google Messages application. The integration of its RCS messaging allowed Google to allow broad texting finally. If the term RCS seems too complicated, Google puts it as “Chat.”

What Are the New Features?

Emoticons — The new update has enhanced the applications speed and response time, allowing it’s users to react instantly without having to wait out the loading period. These reactions are mainly in the form of animated emoticons which are the highlight of Google’s new update. You could like a message with an animated thumbs up, or express your dislike with an animated thumbs down. You could also show a variety of animated reactions with an emoji available to represent almost every emotion.

Smart Reply — The new Smart Reply is a very intuitive feature that will suggest an apt emoticon based on what you’re typing in the chat. This makes the use of emojis extraordinarily convenient and saves the user a lot of time that would otherwise be spent in searching for fitting emojis.

Integrated Photo Editing — The new update also features in-app photo-editing. You can now snap a picture using the built-in camera and edit it within the app itself. You can make minor tweaks to the image and even doodle on it before sending it in the chat.

Voice Messaging — There is now a small voice note icon available on the screen display of the chat. To send a voice recording, you have to hold down the icon, record what you want, and release to send. This will let you send long detailed messages without having to type out a lot physically.

Video Call — Google has now integrated its video calling feature into its messaging app. You can now directly tap on the video call icon within the chat to initiate a video call through Google Duo.

With all these new features, Google can now fundamentally transform your Android messaging service to the likes of Apple’s iMessage.

How to Use Google’s Chat Feature as Your Default Messenger?

To get started, you’ll need to install Google’s messaging application on your Android handset. Once installed, set it as the default messaging service for your device. This will be very easy to do as Google will prompt you and walk you through the steps. The application even has a desktop version just like WhatsApp Web. This will let you receive and send messages from your desktop if the app has been installed on your smartphone.

Helping Us Stay Connected

Many may think that communicating via a digital medium such as texting or messaging can’t compare with in-person interaction. However, with the onset of the global pandemic and the preventive measures that it has forced us to take, meeting up in person isn’t a good idea anymore. Technology is currently our best bet in staying connected with our loved ones. It is an underlying human tendency to crave contact with the ones that we care for.

This contact needn’t come from hours of regular conversation. Sometimes merely checking in on someone, or updating them with ‘How your day is going?’ is enough and Google’s updated messaging services let you do just that. If dropping a text isn’t doing it for you, you could tap the video icon on your screen and connect directly via video call!

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