Google’s App Gets a New Dark Mode Starting Today

Google has updated its mobile app with a dark mode, and it will be available on Android as well as iOS. The company has announced this news through its official Twitter handle. The users will get a specific button to turn on-off the dark mode on the respective Google app. These changes in the Google app will be updated successfully by this week.

As per the official tweet by Google, the update will be successfully added to the app in one week. After that, the theme of the app will be set automatically to the device’s theme. In addition to this, the users can enable the theme whenever they want through a specific option.

In their tweet, Google mentioned that in several locations, the feature would start working on today. However, it will take almost a week to be started globally. Google also mentioned the option to enable or disable the dark mode. They have mentioned that the users can toggle the dark mode to light mode or vice versa through the settings tab of the app. However, the app will be set according to the current theme on your device, but the users who are running an outdated OS version can set the theme by using the option.

The users will be notified by the dark mode update as soon as it is ready to use. Dark mode feature is available on your device; this highlight will be appearing on your screen. Once the users see the highlight on their display, then they need to tap on the option of Activate.

After Google Fit, Gmail, and Google Calendar now, the Google app also gets a dark mode. However, some of the apps, including Google maps, are still short of the dark mode. The dark mode is quite beneficial for users’ eyes alongside the battery of your device. In the past few years, several leading tech conglomerates have included dark mode features to their devices. Thus, now it is a trending aspect that every company is following. In the post month, we have seen Facebook include a dark mode to its website. Later on, they also added the dark mode feature updates to WhatsApp for both iOS and Android.

Although Google has been quite innovative in the past few years, its dark mode feature lacks in performance when it comes to various apps. Thus, now will it lack in Google app too or not. All these questions will get an answer soon; till then, let us wait.

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IT expert having deep knowledge about PC antivirus products. Mainly researching and writing blogs.