Get All The Details And Spoilers Of ‘The God Of High School’ Here

The God Of High School is the newest talk of the town. And guess what! The website holder of the web manhwa knows how to increase the temptations. It has launched the synopsis of the very first episode along with some new spoiler images. No wonder fans have been waiting for this for long! While the synopsis is being aired, what insights does it give the viewers about the anime manhwa? Read on to understand the synopsis. Beware, a few spoilers are secretly placed in this blog.

What Does The Synopsis Say?

The synopsis explains the real plot of the first episode. The God Of High School is a thrilling tournament, and every student in Japan thrives to ace at it. The motto is to showcase oneself as the strongest high schooler.

Jin Mori, the lead face of the anime, is a schooler who lives with his grandfather. The guy is invited to the God Of High School tournament. He reaches the venue for the competition. There, found something unexpected. He sees a local thief trying to snatch a lady’s purse. With the drop of a hat, the guy ran fast to snatch the thief. Little did he know that he was going to bump into Yoo Mira, another contestant for the God Of High School.

You are going to see a lot of exciting fighting scenes, as the manhwa comprises many famous fighters of Japan. Han Daewi is a full-contact karate expert. He stands at level 9. Yoo Mira, the character Jin Mori bumped into in the purse snatching scene, is at level 9 too. Yoo is trained in a style called MoonLight Sword. Jin Mori, the main protagonist, is a Re-Taekwondo fighter. He is at level 6. Park Llpyo, is a successful Samsu Taekgyeon-trained fighter and is at level 8.

Crew Details

The God Of High School is based on a comic by Yongje Park. The series is directed by Seong Ho park, and KSUKE has performed the opening theme. CIX has played the climax theme.

For all the ones who were eagerly waiting for the first episode of The God Of High School, the episode is already made available from 6th July, Monday. If you do not understand Japanese, you can still watch the series as it is aired with English subtitles. Get ready for some binge-watching!

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