Excited for Google’s Pixel 5? Top Reasons You Must Know

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Are you also excited for Pixel 5? Well, you should be. Below mentioned are the best four features that are likely to come along in the new edition.

Google has faced at least one deadly flaw in all of its launched devices. If not the battery, then the screen, and if not the screen, the bugs have disturbed the audience. However, Google’s Pixel 4a is one of the best launches, and the only flaw was the extra months of waiting.

Pixel 4a has performed exceptionally better as per the expectations and has flattered its customers. While there is a word about coming out of Pixel 5 anytime soon, its potential customers look forward to some excellent features.

Are you also excited for Pixel 5? Well, you should be. Below mentioned are the best four features that are likely to come along in the new edition.

Reasons to Buy Pixel 5


The Pixel 4a’s camera works just fine, but the absence of a wide-angle lens makes it tough to capture a panorama. Well, yes, you’re thinking it right. Pixel 5 is finally going to go wide-angle to give you ultra-wide shots. Though, all the Androids with wide-angle have seen low-quality pictures that come out grainy. However, you can still expect Google to play the algorithm magic and work at its best.


Pixel 4a is the first of Pixel phones whose battery can be relied upon as the battery life can live up to a full day. Unlike Pixel 3a, you won’t have to charge your phone after every few hours, or won’t have to carry a portable charger everywhere you go.

As Google worked on its Pixel 4a’s battery life, it is expected to hold the same for Pixel 5 as well. For the first time, we can see Google and its potential customers on the same page and work with the phone’s battery life that won’t drain even if the apps are active in the background.

Wireless Charging

Speaking of wireless charging, we did not get to see a Qi-based charging in Pixel 4a. However, the customers are expecting Google to introduce wireless charging with the Pixel 5. Unfortunately, you weren’t able to take advantage of putting your phone on a wireless charger and pass out, but there’s still hope for a bright future.

Fingerprint Sensor

The credit goes to the fingerprint sensor for cutting down the need to enter your passcode each time you have to wake your phone. It works equally well when you’re wearing a face mask, and the phone cannot detect and unlock.

It is important to mention that fingerprint sensors destroy graphic cases sometimes, but they are a lifesaver. It is easy to use when you cannot enter a password or in a rush and quickly have to access the apps instead of putting in the wrong passcode over and over. Google understands the need to include a sensor in Pixel 5 after its absence in Pixel 4, and we can expect to see the old-school feature once again.

There are other reasons to get eager about the upcoming Pixel 5 like its 90Hz Screen, upgraded storage, and a lot more. The four reasons mentioned above will blow your mind as you’ll finally see a package of benefits in a single device.

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