Best Templates for Microsoft Word

Templates are pre-formatted MS Office files, which you can use to create professional documents in minutes. You can use these templates to create various documents like certifications, invoices, budgets, posters, flyers, etc. Templates offer you a proper design in place, and you just have to put relevant information in the document. Microsoft Office offers a plethora of templates for Excel, PowerPoint, and MS Word.

In this article, we will mention some free Microsoft Word Templates you can use to create professional documents:

Resumes Templates

Microsoft Word offers some specialized resume templates that aspiring job seekers can use to create appealing resumes. With Microsoft’s resume templates, you can layout your employment history and educational background. Some of the great places where you can find free Word templates for resumes are:

  • is a great place where you can find professionally designed resume templates. You can find different resume templates options ranging from traditional resumes to modern templates with eye-catching and innovative designs.
  • Go Skills: You can find over 50 resume templates on Go Skills. It offers suitable resume templates for different job descriptions.
  • The final place where you can find free resume templates is It offers you over 150 templates from which you can choose the one which is suitable for you.

Invoice Templates

You can find different invoice templates from the following sources:

  • Smart Sheet: SmartSheet offers you multiple types of invoice templates for Word. You can choose different invoices like blank invoices, past due invoices, and invoices for different business types.
  • Template Archive: Template Archive is a vast library of templates, and it offers over 50 different invoice templates for Word. Template Archive offers simple text-only invoices, but you can also find more appealing designs that enable you to add branding, color, or background imagery.
  • Apart from resume templates, offers various invoice templates as well.

Calendar Templates

Microsoft Word is an excellent tool to create personalized calendars. The best source for finding the calendar templates are:

  • Calendar Labs: Calendar Labs offers you a wide variety of printable calendar templates for Microsoft Word. But before downloading the calendar templates, make sure you check the year of the template.
  • Calendarpedia: Another good source for downloading Word templates for calendars is Calendarpedia. The website offers you different types of calendar templates, from weekly schedules to three-year calendars.

Label Templates

You can make it easy to understand labels by using the right template. The best sources to download Microsoft Word templates for labels are:

  • Wordlabel offers you an extensive library of ready-made templates for labels.
  • Online Labels: At Online Labels, you can find more than 350 different label templates that you can use with Microsoft Word.

Brochure Templates

Many printing companies offer various Microsoft Word templates to create your brochure, which you can print for further use. The best websites to download Microsoft Word template for brochures are:

  • Printing-for-Less Websites: You can download different types of brochure templates from “Printing-from-Less Websites” for free.
  • Template Lab: Template Lab offers you a bi-fold and tri-fold brochure template for Microsoft Word. You can also download other types of brochures like Accordion Fold and Z Fold. The Template Lab offers templates for Photoshop and downloadable PDF brochure templates.


Templates give you a preformatted layout to make your designs for various objectives like resumes, brochures, labels, and calendars. With the right kind of template, you can make your document more appealing. The templates, as mentioned above, will help you to create professional documents as per your need.

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