Attack on Titan: Everything You Need to Know About Season 4

Attack on Titan is set in the world of enormous humanoids (called Titans) who consume human beings for no reason. In order to protect the people from them, humanity has to live in cities surrounded by enormous walls that keep the humanoids away. The story follows the life of Eren Yaegar, Armin Arlert and Mikasa Ackerman who are close friends. Their life changed for the worse when one gigantic Titan breached the wall of their hometown and wreaked havoc. The monster devoured many human beings, Eren’s mother being one of them and left a lasting impression. Eren holds all Titans responsible for the wreckage, a feeling that resonates deeply with Levi Ackerman as well whose friends were killed by them. Motivated by the emotion to take revenge for the wrongs that were done to them, Eren and his friends started working with Scout Regiment, an elite group of soldiers that fought with the Titans.

The anime series already has three seasons with the fourth releasing soon. It has been able to garner a massive fan base worldwide and is rated 8.8 on IMDb. It rivals the best anime of the past two decades and continues to have a considerable influence. The latest season that will be released soon is probably going to be the last. With the seven-year-long journey coming to an end, let’s look at what we should expect from season 4.

Release Date

The news of the return of Attack of Titans has got its fans excited, but it seems that the upcoming season is also going to disappoint a lot of them. The latest season is going to come with tons of intriguing storylines and plot twists that the fans have been speculating over for months. But the revelation that it is also going to be the last of the series has disappointed millions. However, fans should have seen this coming since the developments in the previous season did allude to the end of the much-anticipated series.

The expectation has been high for the finale ever since the anime last aired in 2019. Every fan has been waiting to hear about the release date; initially, the show was expected to come with its next season sometime in fall of 2020. But due to the lockdown and other roadblocks in the production, it was delayed with no updates on the future release dates. Most fans still expected to watch the show in 2020 with just a few months delay but when Animate Times removed Attack on Titan from their fall schedule, the disheartened followers had to assume that the show probably won’t release in 2020.

However, the recent reports seem to change all of that. Crunchyroll had officially announced that the show would be released later this year. Although there has been no accurate date that is made public as of now, the fans can finally rejoice as they will be able to watch their favorite show for one last time soon.

Interestingly, an Attack on Titan original movie called “Chronicles” is all set to release on November 22nd that will give a recap to all the seasons released until 2019. This does provide a clue that the show will be released only after that so we can expect the release date to be sometime in December. There are also rumors that the final season will be split into two parts with 12 episodes each. However, it is not possible to verify all the reports that are coming in, and things will only get more evident with time.


Season 4 will show the aftermath of season 3 and reveal what happened to Eren and his team. It is expected to follow the story of chapter 91 of the manga, and we might see it going overseas with the recent progress made by the Survey Corps. Eren, along with Levi, Mikasa and Armin will go across the sea to find some unexpected secrets that will change everything. The recent trailer that was released also points to a new environment with a World War like battlefield. We might even see new Titans, and though they might not play a leading role, they certainly will influence the story to some extent. There are also reports about a unique Titan ability that is going to leave a significant mark in season 4.

The fan reaction to the recently released trailer shows the popularity of the show. It became the most viewed anime TV trailer of all time, which makes the fan excitement quite evident. When the show releases later this year we can expect to see the same with many of previous viewing records. When it comes to anime, there is hardly any show that can stand toe-to-toe with Attack on Titan. None of them is even close to the popularity and renown. Even after seven years of its release the show only grows its fanbase. With the end of the series, we are sure to miss the one in a lifetime show that came and changed the anime world.

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