14 Things Rachel Berry Did That Proves She Just Wasn’t A Good Person

The very famous character of the show ‘Glee’, Rachel Berry is quite a favorite of all those who watch the show. But there are some things she did which made viewers turn a bit against her. So let’s talk about 14 things Rachel Berry did that proves she wasn’t just a good person.

1. In a scene, Rachel Berry charged the former Glee club director of inappropriately touching a student, which he did, because the director did not choose her a solo she wanted and she thought she deserved. Though the former glee club director touched a student inappropriately, that is not what she told the principal.

2. In an episode, she did not support Artie to sing the lead in “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat” in the pilot just because he was a wheelchair user. She was not compassionate towards disabled people and did not treat them equally.

3. At times she was so selfish and egoistic that she left the Glee club because Mr. Schuester gave the West Side Story solo to Tina instead of her. She was dominating and she wanted to use her power to get the role of Maria.

4. There is no doubt that Rachel Berry was a racist. When Mercedes gave his suggestion that Glee club to get more songs sung by Black artists, Rachel’s racist response was, “It’s Glee club, not Krunk club.” Wonder why people did not just call it off right then and there.

5. In a scene, she stooped so low that she made Puck, Jesse, and Finn shoot a music video on ‘Run Joey Run’ with her to make it look like all the boys were fighting over her. It was degrading that she was so desperate for attention.

6. She was jealous of everyone and was also very insecure about her position so much that when Sunshine Corazón asked her where the glee club practice was going on, she sent her to a crack house instead of telling her where the practice was. She was constantly terrified by the probability of any other talented singer taking her spotlight.

7. And then, rather than accepting her mistake, she lied to her friends and told Mike and Tina that she did it so she could prevent their dancing contributions from being any more insignificant than it was to the club. She told them that she did it for them instead, she did it for herself.

8. In an episode, she put duct tape on her mouth in the name of silent protest because she didn’t get a solo. She got so upset that she wasn’t given a solo for Sectionals as Mr. Schuester preferred to bring out Mike and Brittany’s dancing and Sam and Quinn’s voices that she wrapped a duct tape on her mouth to practice. She kept on whining that all her talent was being wasted in the club and that her star shines too bright. She compelled them to give her a solo at every single competition except the one she couldn’t do because she was suspended.

9. She even cheated Finn with his best friend Puck, when she found out that Finn had slept with Santana when he and Rachel weren’t even dating. Then she tried to play sad when Finn dumped her.

10. Despite knowing that Kurt liked Blaine, she went after him. They didn’t just blow off her best friend but also said very offensive words to the gay man. As if she can convert him into a straight or bisexual just because of a drunken kiss.

11. She ran for class president against Kurt, simply because she reckoned she hadn’t gotten the main role in West Side Story and wanted to flaunt it on her college application, not because she wanted to do something.

12. Even though later she felt guilty about it, she mindlessly stuffed his ballot box to make him win, which rather got him disqualified. She didn’t do it because she wanted him to win but because she wanted a gay best friend to live with her in NYC.

13. When she and Mercedes both auditioned for the role of Maria in West Side Story, Rachel behaved like the role was all hers. She was way too much of an attention seeker.

14. She always treated Kurt so badly when they lived together in New York City. She even moved her boyfriend into the apartment without even talking to Kurt, always had loud sex which disturbed him, and let him walk around butt naked. Yet she had the guts to treat him like trash at school and home. And when they competed at school and Kurt beat her, she played the victim card.

Source:- https://2020-nortoncom.uk.com/14-things-rachel-berry-did-that-proves-she-just-wasnt-a-good-person/



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Ellen Cooper

IT expert having deep knowledge about PC antivirus products. Mainly researching and writing blogs.